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HomeTechUnable to connect your TV to Wi-Fi? Here are a few things...

Unable to connect your TV to Wi-Fi? Here are a few things you can try

TVs are a source of entertainment that families and individuals use to watch movies, listen to music or even play games. Smart TVs can connect to your home Wi-Fi and you can use it to stream videos. However, there are times when your smart TV starts facing issues with connecting to your home Wi-Fi. Such situations can disrupt users’ viewing experiences. You don’t need to go through a lot of trial and error as we have compiled all the steps that you will need to fix the issue:
Reasons why the TV is not connecting to the Wi-Fi
There can be two reasons why your smart TV is not able to connect to the internet. Firstly, your internet connection can be down and in that case, you need to use another device to check the connection. If the internet is still unavailable, contact your internet service provider.
The other reason could be an issue with your hardware, like your router or the TV. If your Wi-Fi is working with other devices then there might be an issue with the TV’s configuration. In that case, follow these steps.
Try diagnosing the connection
Most smart TVs allow users to check the network status of their TV to let them troubleshoot issues with their internet connection. To check if your TV has this feature, open the settings menu and select the Network settings option to check your TV’s Network status. If you find the option, ensure that there aren’t any warning signs.
Try rebooting the TV
Rebooting usually solves connectivity and other problems in most devices. After restarting the TV, try to connect it to the internet.
Check if your TV and router support the same bandwidth
There are some routers that either support the 2.4GHz or the 5GHz Wi-Fi bandwidth or both. Similarly, TVs have similar configurations for Wi-Fi connectivity. Check if your TV supports both internet bandwidths and also check the router’s connection as well. If your router is designed to support a 2.4GHz internet connection, try bringing your TV to the same bandwidth. This may solve the TV’s connectivity issue.

Ensure that the TV is within the router’s range
The placement of your Wi-Fi router is very important for it to spread the internet connection across all applicable devices. Make sure that your TV is in the proper range of the router. If that is the issue you have to either move your TV or your router to get a Wi-Fi connection.
Factory reset your TV
If the above methods don’t work, factory reset your TV and it may fix the Wi-Fi issue. You can get an option to reset your TV, but it will remove all of your custom settings and delete all data on the TV’s internal storage. After resetting a TV, you have to install all your apps once again and sign back into each one of them. But, before that, you will have to connect the TV to your Wi-Fi.
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