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Passport Fraud: Woman Arrested for Traveling on Forged Identity with Fraudulent Passport – Latest News | Ahmedabad News

Ahmedabad: Airport police on Saturday booked a Mehsana woman for allegedly travelling on a passport she had fraudulently obtained in the name of a Portuguese woman. Police also said that she had alternated between using her original Indian and the suspected fake Portuguese passport for her earlier visits to India from the UK.
On Saturday, the woman, identified as 51-year-old Geeta Patel, was questioned by immigration officials at Ahmedabad’s Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International airport after her arrival from London.Officials had received tip-off that she also possessed a Portuguese passport, which she had used for her 2021 trip to India and back to the UK.
On Saturday, Geeta presented her original passport at the immigration counter. While Geeta denied possessing the Portuguese passport during the questioning, a search through the database confirmed that her picture was printed on two passports – one Indian, the other Portuguese.
The native of Siyapura village in Mehsana’s Kadi, had flown from London to Delhi on November 17 2021, and back to London on December 13 the same year on a passport issued in the name of Rita Menezes, a Portuguese woman.
Geeta had travelled to London in August 2015 also, but this time on her real passport.
The FIR filed by an immigration officer Jagaseshan Sundar with airport police stated that Geeta was accompanied by her husband Mahesh Patel. He was on February 16, 2023, handed over to Airport police for possessing a passport in the name of a Portuguese man, Tushal Menezes.
The FIR stated that she had fraudulently obtained the foreign passport and she was handed over to the Airport police.
Airport police are probing why Geeta got a Portuguese passport and if why did she take the risk of returning to India in 2021 on a foreign passport. Police are also probing how Mahesh had acquired a Portuguese passport and how did he return to London after his apprehension earlier this year.
Airport police filed a complaint of breach of trust, cheating, forgery, producing forged documents as genuine and forgery with the purpose of cheating.
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