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Cow Deaths: Shocking Cow Deaths in Nadiad Town: Gujarat High Court Judges Express Concern | Ahmedabad News

AHMEDABAD: The Gujarat high court on Tuesday expressed shock when the judges were shown photographs of carcasses of cows dumped in a ground at Nadiad town, and the court said, “If this is happening, even god will not forgive us.”
As the bench of Justice A J Shastri and Justice H M Prachchhak began hearing the contempt of court pleain which the HC has been issuing directions for strict implementation of the policy to curb stray cattle menace, applicant’s advocate Amit Panchal tendered an affidavit filed by Nadiad resident, Maulik Shrimali.News reports about the sudden death of more than 30 cows and pictures of their dumped carcasses were placed on court’s record.
Upon seeing the photographs, the judges said, “This is very disturbing, very shocking. We feel that under the guise of regulating and implementing the policy these innocent animals cannot be sacrificed. For the comforts of human life, we cannot allow this to happen.”
When advocate general Kamal Trivedi said that this act of animal brutality may be committed by miscreants, Justice Shastri further said, “If this happens, even god will not save us, will not forgive us. These innocent animals cannot be done away with like this.”
The court sought immediate redressal of the issue and directed the Kheda district collector to inquiry into the issue and report to the court on Wednesday, when it will further hear the issue. The court also doubted that the killing of animals could be “a part of some design”.
The court also sought a report from the state government about the capacity of cattle pounds, the kind of medical treatment and nourishment being provided to the animals in these pounds.
While the court ordered for prompt action to stop the killing of cows, it insisted that the authorities should continue implementation of policy to curb stray cattle menace on roads. “But at the same time this situation may also be taken care of”, the court reiterated.
Meanwhile, the state government, city police traffic department and the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) submitted affidavits, but the court rejected AMC’s affidavit, for it was not by the municipal commissioner.
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