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HomeIndiaIn Ahmedabad, 66k vehicles illegally park on roads | Ahmedabad News

In Ahmedabad, 66k vehicles illegally park on roads | Ahmedabad News

Ahmedabad: With vehicle towing snapping at your wheels, parking on city roads has become an everyday challenge for most. The city recorded an average 160 cases of illegal parking and 57 clamping incidents daily last year, according to data by the traffic branch of Ahmedabad police which registered 58,605 cases of illegal parking and towing, whereas 20,701 vehicles were clamped in 2023.

illegally park on roads

So what is fuelling the parking woes in Ahmedabad? For a city with 38 lakh plus vehicle population, a student project by Cept University revealed a highly skewed public parking space for citizens resulting in on-street parking which in turn has clogged our arterial roads.
A project by CEPT University student Devilal Pimple as part of ongoing Summer Exhibition indicated that there are 6,175 equivalent car spaces (ECS) – where two two-wheelers form one ECS – available for parking in public spaces. Against this, the on-road parking was around 66,834 ECS. Pimple had carried out the project as part of Studio Unit ‘Strategic Plan for Urban Transport Subsystem: Ahmedabad’ by Nikita Bhakuni and Shalini Sinha at Faculty of Planning.
The study indicated that out of a total road network of 3,218 km, about 35% (1,110 km) are considered to be major roads including ring roads, radial roads and arterial roads. Out of the total length, 36% or the space or more than one-third of this arterial road length was found to be used for on-road parking illegally. Major stretches with elevated problems in western city areas include CG Road to Thaltej, CG Road to Ambli, Vasna to Vadaj, Mithakhali crossroads to Mahalakshmi crossroads, and Jivraj Park to Shyamal crossroads among others.
‘High fees will curb on-street parking’
It is an imbalance between demand and supply. The data indicates that the city’s vehicular population grows at the rate of 6.3% per annum indicating addition of about 2-2.5 lakh vehicles. Thus, it is natural that the infrastructure is not keeping pace with it,” said a Cept University faculty member. “The survey indicated that there are 38 locations where the parking space for 12,607 twowheelers and 3,023 cars is created by Ahmedabad Munici- pal Corporation (AMC). The number is one-tenth of the number of vehicles we find on the roads.”
The problem is more acute in several older areas where residential flats do not have adequate space for their own members. “About two decades ago, there was no planning for so many cars. I can say with some confidence that more than half of our members are parking outside. And we are not alone. Come to our lane any night and you will find a row of cars on both sides,” said Amey Shah, resident of Mehta Flats in Paldi.
The study stressed on measures such as installation of signs, use of technology, parking enforcement officers, public awareness campaigns, high penalties for no parking zones and permitbased parking system among others.
Prof Shivanand Swamy, director emeritus of Centre of Excellence in Urban Transport (CoE-UT) at Cept University, said that on-street parking should not be encouraged if not very necessary. “In majority of countries, it is very expensive to park on the roads. Parking is often seen as a commodity which can be bought and sold. Thus, it should be connected to the monetary aspect to discourage people from parking on roads,” he said. “While Singapore’s example is well-known where one cannot buy a car unless the person has a parking space, several of the countries including the UK have stricter rules in the majority of city areas. Such moves encourage citizens to opt for public transport systems.”

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